Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome to Theories: Size 12! Go on and get mad, but you know I'm right.

On Theories: Size 12, I will present personal musings from week to week on all kinds of topics. You will either find  yourself here or think I am nuts. Either way, I hope you at least laugh.

The first post is coming soon. Until then, please visit my website www.jodydyer.com.

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I will write adoption-related posts from time to time, but I have theories of all sorts and I plan to muse all over the place!

Topics may include: teaching freshmen, being married to Tall Child, raising two children of two generations, Grandmama drama, the Yorkie from you-know-where, having a barn, only children, youth sports, bras, wine, The Holy Bible, quotes, other authors, obnoxious people, awesome people, organizations, charities, friends, the importance of wearing lipstick, my hero Dolly Parton, and whatever pops into my anxiety ridden, sleep-deprived, adult onset ADHD mind!

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Just thinking outside the barn...

Just thinking outside the barn...