Sunday, January 31, 2016

Coming soon to a computer near you...
well, in front of you, actually:

Launch date - October 2016

If you stumbled across my last post, you saw that I had to suspend my blog because the financial company I work for now doesn't allow its officers to have blogs. I don't even tell where I work on my Facebook, Instagram, and Google pages. Most writers have "regular jobs" which offer some pretty good perks for us controversial author weirdo types. 1) Health insurance, 2) Places to hide, 3) Content for our books, 4) Characters for our books, and 5) Money.

Shhhhhhh. If you DO know my human resources manager, don't tell him about this book. He's already mad at me for some other stuff. I suppose I don't belong in a corporate American setting. Or high heels. Or behind the wheel. Or in any formal setting, really. So, I purge with words so I can tolerate all the daily restrictions. I write in the morning before I even slap on my Maybelline. I write at night while Tall Child watches vampire shows and Sharky and Gnome wreck the house.

To explain: This blog was originally a rough draft, one chapter a week, for the book Theories: Size 12. I used the blog to meet readers, test topics, and gather feedback.

The book was a blast to produce, thanks to many of you! Thank you for contributing via Facebook, Twitter, BlogSpot, email, and back row bleacher conversations. You'll enjoy the first twenty theories in this book. I have already started revising and expanding Theories for the NEXT book.

I care about my readers, whom I consider friends, and want you to be part of my projects. Reach out to me on social media. I often pose questions and toss out ideas to get your input. I respect what you have to say.

Thanks for sticking with me and supporting me as I write to encourage, enlighten, and entertain.  Think outside the barn!



Photo credit: Dorothy Maxwell Kirkland, a.k.a. Dot