Friday, December 5, 2014

10 reasons why I couldn't write a Theory today. And a link to a popular Christmas post that working mothers loved last year!

December is just as tough as it is delightful. Take my word for it in Theory 26: In the Christmas season, men just need to do what they are told.

I could re-tell all my woes from 2013, but I'd rather you read Theory 26. Why? Because my computer is old and broken and it has taken me five minutes to type what you see up to this point! Argh.

Add to that the following:

1.  I started a new job four days ago and report to another county in two hours and both Sharky and Gnome are sawing logs in sweet childhood no-real-responsibility-it's-almost-Christmas slumber.

2. I have my LAST all day Saturday class for graduate school tomorrow and have to read an entire textbook, write a parody that includes at least ten classroom innovations, work out the parody skit with my group members, and organize a portfolio notebook for semester-end grading by my professor. Geez.

3. I have to wake up my dear mother-in-law Bop who spent the night last night so she can get back to Nashville for a luncheon on time.

4. Buzz just made a poopy mess right in front of Bop's bedroom door.

5. I took a melatonin at 3 a.m. so all this is extra difficult right now.

6. I gained three pounds YESTERDAY. Will someone please explain that to me? What was in that popcorn at Sharky's basketball game?

7. I have bought 3 Christmas gifts. That is it.

8. I have to figure out what "business casual" means in the next 45 minutes.

9. I have to find suitable "business casual" attire from my teacher fashion wardrobe in 45 minutes.

10. I am sad, excited, and completely preoccupied with my huge shift in careers. More on that when I get my computer fixed!

Okay, enjoy that list of excuses and have a GREAT Friday! I miss you, readers.


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