Thursday, May 22, 2014

Theory 43: A working mother can only do so much.

It's Thursday, my last full day of classes with students, and I am looking ahead toward summer. Specifically, I'm looking at three syllabi for my Master's in Curriculum and Instruction (education) coursework. I complete those nine hours through accelerated, Saturday (all dang day) and Wednesday (just four hours) classes from now to the end of July. Then, yay me, I do another round of six accelerated hours (no tailgating for this Bug) to earn the gift of a Master's Degree. I think I'll wrap my certificate in its necessarily evil FAFSA student loan documents and put a red bow on top! Then toast myself with some Andre and cranberry juice.

In January or August, I'll start the coursework for my Educational Specialist degree. That's just 33 more hours, ya'll.

In addition to going back to college at the ripe old age of 40 and pretty much wrecking every moment of free time this summer, fall, and next year plus some (I graduate from all the above in August 2016), I'm revising Theories: Size 12 to publish it as a book or set of smaller books, to meet readers' demands for such. Thank you, by the way, for your kind support and awesome contributions through all my Theories!

Oh top of all THAT, that, and THAT, I'm working on a comprehensive student-based project that could take off or fall flat. Who knows?

Oh, and did I mention my job is changing? My colleague, Red Hot Backspace, and I are re-writing our curriculum and are charged with being technology specialists advisory people. Something like that. I REALLY need a laptop.

Geez. I'm exhausted just reading back through that academic to-do list. Aren't you?

Tired Bug in the middle of the EOC test materials room.

Not complaining, just explaining.

I related my giant to-do list to Agape Agave on the phone and she said, "Bug, good lord, don't you think you are spreading yourself just a little too thin?" I like that she called me thin, but I didn't like that she was right. I "reflected" (that's what teachers seeking advanced degrees do; they "reflect") for a few days, talked to Tall Child and Sharky, and everyone agreed I had to make some changes.

I can only do so much.

I LOVE writing these Theories, but I have to focus on the work that puts biscuits in the jar. Translation for my northern friends: "earns money"

I want to stay married to Tall Child and loved by Sharky and Gnome, which means I can't stay in my little den, locked behind my desktop computer, shooting evil blue-eyed darts at anyone age four to fifty-one who rounds the corner.

I can only do so much.

Like all working mothers, I have to put my personal fun at the bottom of the priority list.

I can only do so much.

Long blah, blah, blah, story short, I'm changing my process for Theories: Size 12 for a little while. I want you to keep checking in, and, actually, help me. This is the plan: Instead of me writing a diatribe for each Theory from my perspective, I will toss out a Theory each Friday and query the field (you) for commentary, content, and collaboration.

I want to know YOUR perspective on these Theories!

Won't that be fun? You can respond to the weekly Theory with a story, an idea, an argument, an "amen" or even a picture. You can write one word, one sentence, a paragraph, or whatever floats your opinion boat. We'll just be talking. No big deal. Your offerings will give me insight and content ideas and, by talking with you, I won't go insane as I type up countless abstracts on philosophies of education and read all those terrible research-based textbooks with too many parentheses and numbers in every awful sentence. Ugh. I may wear a toga to class. I have the body for it.

Perhaps, once I'm all educated and such, I can scratch out another round of fodder in the way of lengthy, entertaining Theories: Size 12 posts that incorporate your wisdom and wit. What do you say?

In that vein, here we go. Today's Theory is ........
Theory 43: A working mother can only do so much.

Answer any/all of these questions, if you're so inclined:

1. What does your working mother meltdown look like?
2. What can father's do to help you avoid burnout?
3. How do you cope with stress?
4. Who suffers the most when mama is worn slap out?
5. Do you think women work harder than men at home, at work? How so?
6. Share a good story of "throwing in the towel", "throwing up of hands", or "walking flat out of a situation you just couldn't handle any more."
7. What did I miss?

Okay, readers, it's your turn to fuel the online fodder. You can email me at, Facebook message me at Jody Cantrell Dyer or Theories: Size 12, or put a message in a bottle in Lake Loudon. Either way, I appreciate every sentence you draft.

Thanks again for allowing me to make some changes in order to basically survive (mentally, anyway). I can't afford Zoloft, Xanex, Klonopins until I finish the Ed. S. so I have to rely on Bota Box and your generous verbal offerings.

Meanwhile, I love you!


By the way, I tossed a couple of items onto Kindle this month: Field Day (sweet, short, short and sweet, story) and Parents, Stop and Think (a collection of reflective letters from the perspective of a mother and teacher). Enjoy!

Just click on the covers to see more info:

For all you teachers out there, H.A.G.S. No, you aren't hags! I meant Have A Great Summer! I think I'll wrap myself in a sheet, drain a Bota Box and write a first class abstract on Realism.

See you next post. Until then, think outside the barn!

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