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Theories: Size 12, Volume DD
Go On, Get Mad, But You Know You Agree or different subtitle (I LOVE reader input, so tell me what you think!)
(Theories 21-40+)

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Theories under construction:

Wear your hard hats because these could get mean and messy!
  • If your church has no deaf people, stop making the choir sign.
  • Mulch is a turn-on.
  • Complaining is much more effective when you back it up with data.
  • Don't call your mama from Lover's Leap.
  • Bubbles do not provide a soft landing.
  • It's rude to be shy.
  • Work purge. Awesome.
  • Catholics shouldn't hog the practice of confession.
  • All teachers develop ADHD.
  • Politeness and personal space are inverted North vs. South.
  • Just because you love Jesus, that doesn't mean you can sing.
  • Grandparents know all their letters.
  • Certain words should be banned from songs.
  • We need a new, more relevant generation of door prizes. (Specific to industry/occasion).
  • Pets make terrible gifts.
  • College towns are the best towns for raising children.
  • A country club would never survive in the hollers of East TN.
  • Alcohol makes you more interesting than Facebook does.
  • Third graders can NOT invent a simple machine. In two weeks.
  • Nature's first green ain't gold, it's a blue varicose vein.
  • Men whose wives don't work should not be in charge.
  • Grown-ups should never say, "Shhhhhhh." to other grown-up. It's flat out rude.

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